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White Ant Killing Powder

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   Active ingredient: Fipronil 1%




  This product can do contact poison as well as stomach poison, kill and prevent white ants and other ants, have no mutual resistance with any other insecticide. Specialized and effective in killing  and preventing white ants.


  All the toxicity of this product could be transported to the group of ants by the poisoned ones, cause a chain reaction.


  Hygiene Toxicology level: 


  low mammalian toxicity. Odorless, convenience and safe in use.


  How to use:


  In the infested areas, find the ants’ entrance or use some tools to drill micropores, then screw the cap out of the bottle, stick the nozzle into a pore and squeeze it, let the powder spray into the cave. After that, use some wasted paper or tissue to block it out, knock on something around and make a vibration, this would cause a frighten to some ants, so they would carry some of our powder back to the nest, after some trophallaxis, the ants would infect each others and cause the chain reaction, after a week or two, the whole colony of their nest would die eventually.




  ·Don’t shock the white ants when you find them appears, use the powder as soon as possible.


  ·Please wear gloves and protective equipment during spray, keep your skin and eyes away from the powder.


  ·Please wash the exposed parts like hands and face, the clothes you wear after spray.


  ·Please handle the container carefully, do not use for other purpose, and do not litter it.


  ·Allergic people, pregnant or at breastfeeding women and children, please keep away from the powder or place the powder had been sprayed.




  Low mammalian toxicity. The acute oral toxicity and acute percutaneous toxicity test result of the female and male rats is the LD50 of both of them are over 5000mg/kg b.wt.


  Packing details: 80g