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Cockroach Killing Bait Gel(Sticker)

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  Roach Chain Killer,Long-lasting

  Cockroach bait gel,Low toxicity

  Active ingredient:12%Boric acid

  WEISHIWEI®cockroach bait gel is a product that overturn alll the concept of traditional killing roaches by sprays and baits.

  This product can do contact poison as well as stomach poison,can be use widely in killing roaches.


  Safe to use,odorless,no irritation,high effectiveness,long-lasting,eco-friendly,non-pollute.

  There is no need to move furnitures and other objects in use,easily and gently kill all the roaches.

  Suitable for most kinds of hi-class places like hotels,hospitals,transportations,stores,computer rooms,electrical facilities,kitchens,food factories.


  After the first day you use the bait gel,the death peak of roaches appears,you can see the bodies or ill ones.The amount of them decreased in high speed,in 3-5 days,the death rate increase.

  The effect of this bait gel can last for 6 months.

  Base on the theory that the roaches would eat each other’s body after death,the WSW bait gel have a significant effect in chain killing effects.

  WSW bait gel is good at killing many kinds of cockroaches,especially the so called“little roach”,Blattella germanica.And for many roaches that resist insecticide,this bait gel can also be effective,furthermore,it could even kill ants and white ants.

  How to use:

  Cut the gel in pieces,and tear the film of the bottom,uncover the blue shield,stick on the infested areas and remember to avoid children.

  Every piece can be used for 1㎡-2㎡,for wider area you can increase the quantity.


  If got poisoned in the eyes or on skins,wash it immediately with a large amount of water,in serious situation,please go to the hospital.

  The principle of using this bait gel is dispersing to as more places as possible.Do not store or use near the foods.

  Please wash your hands after use.

  Storage and transporting:

  Store in spots that children would not touch easily,do NOT eat,do NOT store or transport with foods,drinks,seeds,fodders or inflammable,explosive goods.

  Please store in dry and airy areas,avoid fires or hot places.After use,don’t litter the bait

  Package:8 pieces(pills)/box 0.25g/piece

  Expiration date:2 years