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Cockroach Killing BaitGel(Injector)

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Cockroach Chain killer, Long-Lasting

Active ingredient: Boric acid 12%   



Depending on the habit of roaches, we produce this product which can do chain effect in killing roaches, and it is long-lasting and effective, low toxic, eco-friendly and non-irritation, easy and safe in using. Fit for many kinds of hi-standard place like hospital, hotel, transportation, shopping mall, computers room and etc. 



1. If get poison in eyes or skin, wash immediately with soap and water, in serious situation should go to the hospital.

2.This is the principle using this: less in quantity and more in spots. Keep away from foods.

3.Wash your hands with soap after use.


Storage and transport:

1.Store in spots that children would not touch easily, do NOT eat, do NOT store or transport with foods, drinks, seeds, fodders or inflaming, explosive items.

2.Store in dry and airy areas, keep away from fire, do NOT expose in hot places, avoid children. Deal carefully with the packages after use.


How to use:








   Use dispersively

1. Pull to open the cap of the injector , use dispersively in areas that 

infested by roaches like table gaps, wall gaps, corners.

2. You can choose the dose depending on the density of roaches.

3. Please clean the head of the injector after use, cover the cap back, 

store in the airy areas where the children would not touch easily.


Jiahong Technology Co., ltd. Zhuhai, Guangdong.

Net weight10g/tube   20g/tube

Expiration date: 2 years

Produce date: Please find the lot number on the box

Low mammalian toxicity