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Eco-friendly Water-based Aerosol Insecticide

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Product: 0.55% tetramethrin & permethrin water-based aerosol insecticide 

Active Ingredients: tetramethrin 0.20%, permethrin 0.35%

Hygiene Toxicology level: low mammalian toxicity


   Jiahong aerosol insecticide is a new generation eco-friendly product, use WHO approved hi-tech formula, up-to-date package technology. The active ingredients of our product containing pure water and air, and NOT containing FREON, LPG, kerosene, ethyl alcohol and such organic solvent materials, non-flammable and non-explosive. You can spray in any angle you want. Safe to use, odorless, no irritating, no need to avoid or close the doors and windows during spray, there would be no uncomfortable reaction. After spray, there would be no blot, no harm to clothes, it can  naturally degradable, protect the environment, it’s effectiveness in killing mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches is very strong and long-lasting. It is very suitable for places like offices, maternity hospitals, new-born child rooms, households, canteens, hotels and foods’ warehouses. It can protect people from dengue and malaria that infect people over mosquitoes and bugs. This product also gain a certificate of China green and eco-friendly product’s award.


How to use:

   You can use this aerosol insecticide in any angle you want, spray on the environment at will. To kill roaches, spray on the corners and the infested areas, this could kill the adult ones, spray in the same way the next day, the larvae can be killed too, and the effect of the insecticide can last 2 weeks long, spray for several times, you can kill all the insects in your house, once and for all. For some insects flying around you, aim to it and spray, it would just die immediately. You could even spray it on place like doors, windows or curtains, keep the insects far far away.



   This product is poisonous to fishes and silkworms, avoid spray on fish ponds, silkworm rooms and foods; Do NOT eat: Avoid children; Store the product in dry and airy place; After use, wash the skin and clothes by using soap or alkaline detergent.