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5% Tetramethrin & Permethrin EW

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   5% Tetramethrin & Permethrin EW

  Gross Active ingredients: 5%
  1.5% tetramethrin, 3.5% permethrin 
  Type: EW
  Low mammalian toxicity
  This EW use tetramethrin and permethrin as its active ingredients, can do contact poison as well as stomach poison, low toxic and non-irritation to human and pets. Suitable for hotels, canteens, family house, office, schools, communities, food-making companies and etc.
  How to use:







30-50 times


  You can directly spray on the insects or on grounds, corners that have been infested.
  Net weight:1000ml
  Expiration date: 2 years
  Do not spray this product on people.This product is poisonous to fishes and silkworms, avoid spray on fish ponds, silkworm rooms and foods; Do NOT eat: Avoid children; Do not store after dilution. Store in dry and airy area.After use, wash the skin and clothes by using soap or alkaline detergent.
  First Aid:
  Get polluted on skin or in eyes, use saline or clean water to wash thoroughly. If accidentally eat it, use 2% sodium bicarbonate liquor to perform gastric lavage, symptomatic treatment as pyrethroids intoxication,call 120.
  Storage and transport:
  Store in place of room temperature,dry and airy, avoid sun lights,children, do not store or transport with foods and drinks, seeds, fodder or Inflammable and explosive goods, block-out transport in container truck. Pack and handle carefully, strictly forbid slanted packing box place.
  Pesticide registration certificate No.: WP20090283
  Pesticide produce approval file No.: HNP44101-12285
  Product Standard No.: Q/JH 05-2009