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5%Tetramethrin & Permethrin Insecticide ME

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  Active ingredients: 1.5%  tetramethrin  and  3.5%  permethrin
  Hygiene Toxicology level: low mammalian toxicity
  This product use WHO approved hi-tech formula , effective but low toxic. By using up-to-date formula technology, pure water as basic material, add tetramethrin and permethrin as active ingredients, we produced this pure and lucent ME to kill insects. Safe to use, odorless, no irritating, no need to avoid or close the doors and windows during spray, there would be no uncomfortable reaction. After spray, there would be no blot, no harm to clothes, it can naturally degradable, protect the environment, it’s effectiveness in killing mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches is very strong and long-lasting. It is very suitable for plane, ship’s cabin, household room, hospital,baby room, precious plant, elders’ home, hotel, canteen, sport yard, livestock farm, pet, pond, etc. It can protect people from dengue and malaria that infect people over mosquitoes and bugs. And this product is the most up-to-date and most safe insecticide. 
  How to use:
  1. This product is water-based, to maintain effectiveness, please clean up before spray, when use outside, avoid raining weathers.
  2.To maintain effectiveness, it is better to do a small spray 3 days after the first spray, if there be no water wash away, it could last for a least 2 weeks long.
  3.This insecticide would degrade in exposure of sunlight or in alkaline materials, to maintain effectiveness, it is better to use it late in the afternoon or cloudy days. Do not store after Dilute.
  4.Depend on the size of the pests, you can adjust the proportion of water to the insecticide. General speaking, kill “hard-shell” bugs need thicker potion than the “soft-shell” ones.
  5.Suitable for different kinds of instruments, for ULV sprayer, directly spray in the ratio of 1:10, for normal sprayer, directly or residual spray in the ratio of 1:30-50.
  This product is poisonous to fishes and silkworms, avoid spray on fish ponds, silkworm rooms and foods; Do NOT eat: Avoid children; Store the product in dry and airy place; After use, wash the skin and clothes by using soap or alkaline detergent. Pregnant woman and in lactation should avoid.
  First aid if got poisoned:
  Get polluted on skin or in eyes, use saline or clean water to wash thoroughly. If accidentally eat it, use 2% sodium bicarbonate liquor to perform gastric lavage, call 120, symptomatic treatment as pyrethroids intoxication.
  Storage and transport:
  Store in place of room temperature,dry and airy, avoid sun lights,children, do not store or transport with foods and drinks, seeds, fodder or Inflammable and explosive goods, block-out transport in container truck. Pack and handle carefully, strictly forbid slanted packing box place.
  pesticide registration No.: WP20090283 
  certificate of production approval No.: HNP 44101-I2285
  Product standard No.: Q/LH04-2009